vrijdag 16 december 2011


Okay, so let's have a look at what I've accomplished today.

First of all, I added the following social media buttons on the right spot.

Secondly, I've had quite some problems with getting the poll system right.

For those interested, I was trying to use a hide/move javascript (every poll being in their own DIV) so you can switch between the different poll subjects with one click.

Now either all polls showed up at loading, or only half of the poll would be shown when a button being clicked. I temporarily solved the problem by using an onload function. If anyone with quite some javascript experience could help me out, your help would be much appreciated.

Here is a sample of what the current poll system looks like. In order to comment blogs/websites, I had to come up with a few criteria. If you think certain criteria are missing, please let me know!

Please fill in all the polls for following subjects (switch poll by clicking them). Choose your score wisely!

Warning: If you press the button "View results" before voting, you will have to refresh the page in order to cast your vote!

Content | Lay-out | Visual Aesthetics/Design | User Friendliness | Overall Score

Content (Please pay attention on how the text is written)

1/5 (Horrible: not much attention was spent to the content. Writer's skill are extremely poor)0%
2/5 (Poor: writer needs more imagination, maybe should take up english course again)0%
3/5 (Average: well yeah... average... Not that bad, not really good)0%
4/5 (Good: few things can still be improved)0%
5/5 (Excellent: the way it should be!)0%

Lay-out (Please pay attention on how the text AND links, headers,... is structured)

1/5 (There is absolutely no structure, looks like a hurricane passed...)0%
2/5 (I can see the creator tried to make the webpage clear, but he didn't really succeed)0%
3/5 (It's clear, but nothing more than that)0%
4/5 (Good structure, looks great and easy to use)0%
5/5 (Perfect structure, I can find everything right away, looks professional)0%

Visual Aesthetics/Design (Base your opinion on harmony between pictures, fonts, etc.)

1/5 (It just looks like shit... Either the site is too empty or too crowded)0%
2/5 (The colours and pictures that are used do not fit together)0%
3/5 (Does not hurt my eyes, quite a neutral design)0%
4/5 (The website looks pretty, it's pleasant to visit. Good colour and image choice!)0%
5/5 (Gorgeous design, I'd like to live on this website! Original!)0%

User Friendliness

1/5 (Page loads slowly, unclear how to navigate through the site, there are wrong links...)0%
2/5 (Navigation is unclear or too complicated, some links are mislabeled...)0%
3/5 (The Page loads quick enough, finding valuable information is pretty easy)0%
4/5 (I can find what a want with ease, page loads pretty quick,...)0%
5/5 (Navigating through the site is very easy, navigation bar is neat!)0%

Overall Score

1/5 (My experience with the site was awful, wanted to leave it asap)0%
2/5 (A lot of changes will have to be made to make this site attractive)0%
3/5 (Mediocre, I wouldn't really recommend the site)0%
4/5 (I enjoyed visiting the site. I spent quite some time on it.)0%
5/5 (I love the site, I could surf on it for "days", recommended for everyone)0%

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